Soup & Tart

Jean Dupuy
1974-75, 55:45 min, b&w, sound

Soup & Tart is a fascinating document of a marathon performance soiree organized by multimedia artist Jean Dupuy at the Kitchen on November 30, 1974. Dupuy invited over 30 downtown artists, musicians, and filmmakers to each give a two-minute performance. The audience was first served a home-made dinner of soup, bread, apple tarts and wine, which was followed by the performance "menu." Both the audience and performers are seen in a casual, playful mode; Philip Glass performs a percussive vocal piece, Hannah Wilke poses in a series of memorable tableaux, Gordon Matta-Clark cuts and serves a cake in the form of a house. Among the many other performers are Charles Atlas, Joan Jonas, Richard Serra, and Yvonne Rainer. This document of Dupuy's freewheeling performance event is a rare time capsule of the SoHo art and music scene of the early 1970s.

Performers (in order of appearance): Joanne Akalaitis, Kate Parker and Charles Atlas, Robert Breer, Jean Dupuy, Jon Gibson, Philip Glass, Jean Dupuy and Deedee Halleck, Jana Haimsohn, Joan Jonas, Olga Kluver, Richard Landry, Tony Mascatello, Gordon Matta-Clark, Joan Schwartz and Donald Monroe, Carl Paler, Charlemagne Palestine, Yvonne Rainer, Arthur Russell, Alan Saret, Sylvia Whitman, Richard Serra, Nancy Topf, David Warrilow, Hannah Wilke.

Production Manager: Chris Murphy. Video Camera: Babette Mangolte, Mary Lucier, Tina Girouard. Video Production: Fifi Corday. Editing: Chris Murphy, Carlotta Fay Schoolman. Technical Assistance: John Trayna. Special thanks to The Kitchen, the cooks and Charles Atlas. A presentation of Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc. Editing Facilities: Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc.

Courtesy of The Kitchen Archives.


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