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1973, 32:30 min, b&w, sound

This historical videotape, produced in 1973 by Art/Tapes/22 in Florence, Italy, is being made available for the first time in decades through EAI's Video Preservation Program.

Acconci writes: "Black screen—a spotlight, circle of light on the floor, just part of it off-screen, in front of the screen, in the viewer's space. I'm off-screen, singing: the tone is vague still, indefinable. Then I come into the spotlight, partly, so that my face is barely visible: 'I'd be dancing for you—I'd know you were watching—I'd be at my peak.' Off-screen, grand song; then I'm back: 'I'd know you were watching—but I'd be nervous, I wouldn't know whose side you were on.' Off-screen; song becomes shakier. I'm back then: 'I'd be dancing for someone else now—but I wouldn't want to betray this.' Off-screen; insinuating song; I'm back: 'I'd be awkward, you'd be making a fool of me.'... Off-screen; circus-like song; then I return: 'I'd escape in my mind—I'd be drifting away, dreaming.' ...Desperate song off-screen, then: 'By this time things would have changed—I'd have the upper hand—I could kill you—I'd do it slowly—taunt you.' Off-screen, sneering song, then: 'But now I'd have changed my mind—I'd want us to be reconciled—I'd know you'd come back to me.' Off-screen, full-spectacle song."

Produced by Art/Tapes/22