Suite for Five

2008, 25:29 min, color, sound

This 2008 film by Charles Atlas documents a performance of Merce Cunningham's Suite for Five, which was first performed on May 18, 1956 at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. Originally titled Suite for Five in Space and Time, the piece was made by adding a trio, a duet and a quintet to Cunningham's earlier Solo Suite in Space and Time. A program note from the premier performance read, "The events and sounds of this ballet revolve around a quiet center, which, though silent and unmoving, is the source from which they happen."

Choreography: Merce Cunningham. Directed by Charles Atlas. Music: John Cage, "Music for Piano 4-19 [composer]; Christian Wolff [performer]. Dancers: C├ędric Andrieux, Lisa Boudreau, Jennifer Goggans, Rashaun Mitchell, Andrea Weber. Costumes: Robert Rauschenberg. Lighting: Beverly Emmons. Special Thanks: Carol Walker, The PepsiCo Theater at SUNY Purchase, The Board of Directors of the Cunningham Dance Foundation, Molly Davies.


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