The Amarillo News Tapes

Doug Hall, Chip Lord, and Jody Procter.
1980, 25:52 min, color, sound

With the intention of "dissecting" television news, Doug Hall, Chip Lord and Jody Procter travelled to Amarillo, Texas to serve as artists-in-residence at station KVII-TV. Collaborating with local newsmen, they combined documentary, sociology and parody in this analysis of news gathering, dissemination and presentation. Local anchorman Dan Garcia coaches Hall, Lord and Procter on their style of delivery; deadpan KVII reporters read absurdist copy provided by the artists. In contrast, footage of the devastating effects of a nearby tornado — presented without commentary — speaks eloquently and disturbingly to events that the media cannot control or manipulate. The Amarillo News Tapes deconstructs the role of television in legitimizing and contextualizing events.

Editors: Doug Hall, Chip Lord.