The Apparent Trap

1999, 20 min, b&w and color, sound

Taking up the popular 1960's movie "The Parent Trap," in which two girls at summer camp discover they are long-lost twins and set about mending their parents' marriage, Zando turns Hollywood images against themselves to investigate submerged issues of sexuality and subjectivity. Mixing scenes from the film with Zando's own restagings, and framed by a narrative that rewrites Pryings, Vito Acconci's notorious take on gender dynamics, Zando mounts a multilayered, open-ended investigation into the ways in which sight, legibility and recognition are ideologically determined. Summer camp, site of adolescent sexual experimentation and initiation into adult social roles, sets the stage for an exposition of the doubt and fear that haunt not only the sisters when confronted with their similarities, but also anyone who is confronted with her own difference as a subject.

With: "Sharon": Josephine Anstey; "Susan": Julie Zando; "Videomaker": Justina Shaw; "Miss Inch": Ken Gerleve; "Assistant": Mathew Fenn. Sound Design: Jeremy Boyle. Camera: Shaw, Ann Torke, Zando. Supported by the New York State Council on the Arts; Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, N.Y.