Titles with or about Chris Burden

The Big Wheel

1980, 29:02 min, color, sound

During the 1980 exhibition of Burden's monumental kinetic sculpture The Big Wheel at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York, Burden and Feldman were interviewed by art critic Willoughby Sharp. Burden articulates the process of creating The Big Wheel, a 6,000-pound, spinning cast-iron flywheel that is initially powered by a motorcycle, and discusses its relation to his earlier performance pieces and sculptural works. Addressing his motivations and the meaning of this potentially dangerous mechanical art object, Burden discusses such topics as the role of the artist in the industrial world, "personal insanity and mass insanity," and "man's propensity towards violence."

Director: Willoughby Sharp. Camera/Editor: Robert Burden. Audio/Video: Alfred Vazquez, Jr. Produced by Sharpcom in association with NVI. With: Chris Burden, Ronald Feldman.


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