The Boxer's Puzzle

1987, 6:23 min, color, sound

The Boxer's Puzzle suggests an oblique narrative of desire, combining the visual stylization of a music video with a subtle allusiveness and meticulous attention to detail. Using slow motion images and a hypnotic, percussive soundtrack, the artists create a languid, erotic work. A man shadowboxes, his sparring suggesting inner conflict, while a woman is seen in a series of fashion-photo poses, remaining an enigmatic figure, an icon of elusive desire. Seen in isolation, and juxtaposed through syncopated cross-cutting, the man and woman seem caught in the grip of an unreleasable tension, made palpable by the artists' deft editing.

Video Imagery: Ellen Sebring. Music: Bill Seaman. Editors: Bill Seaman, Ellen Sebring.