The Diary of Mr. N: 1938-1967 (Private Hungary 4)

1990, 51 min, color, sound

If by luck the world and war do not cross each other's path, an idyllic life is the reward. This film is the story of the love of our hero Mr. N and Ilona: drama and anthropology. Through the lens of the 9.5mm camera of this meticulous military engineer we can follow the events as they were taking place in the life-factory-family triangle — all in the shadow of the official historical drama. The convivial army contractor bears an awful resemblance to Rakosi, the Communist dictator of later times. Shocking shots of the re-annexation of Upper Northern Hungary following the revision of the Peace Treaty of Trianon (1938) are included. Mr. N has a special documentary message for us, comprising thirty years in the life of Hungary, visions of terror and dictatorships, childbirths and revolution. A Hungarian family: they are looking at each other, at outsiders, and as we are looking at them, the hidden similarity of things dawns upon us.

Editor: Marta Revesz. Music: Tibor Szemzo.