The Eiffel Tower, King Kong, and the White Woman

1988, 25 min, b&w and color, sound, German with English subtitles.

If the resemblance between the RKO logo and the Eiffel Tower never occurred to you before, this will clinch the association. King Kong appears in various collages of a white cruise ship; meanwhile, a victory has been won and photographed in France in November 1918, and someone in a cartoon has stolen the Eiffel Tower, which now stands over an abyss in the American West. Will the Eiffel Tower be rescued? Will a man swimming against economic tides finally rescue his money? Where will dinosaurs and other assorted animal and bird forms come to rest? King Kong/the white hero is called to play bridge, and Martin Heideggar's Being and Time is quoted for the first time in the series: "Why do we say that time passes and not that it is created?"