The Lucy Amarillo Stories

1977, 40 min, b&w, sound

Constance DeJong's writing is closely connected to performance. Since 1977 she has made oral adaptations of her experimental texts and performed them to audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe. At this event at the Kitchen, DeJong reads The Lucy Amarillo Stories, while a musician performs a composition by Philip Glass on the harmonica. The two performers interact attentively, the musician emphasizing passages in DeJong's text with the augmented intensity of Glass's score. The reading develops as an atmospheric telling of the story of young Lucy Amarillo, who leads a lonely and eventless life in New York City, truly living only when she dreams.

Produced by Fifi Corday Productions. Performed at Experimental Intermedia Foundation. Music: Philip Glass. Performer: Ken Deifik. Courtesy of the Kitchen Archives.