The Vision Machine

1997, 20 min, b&w and color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Here Ahwesh's heterogeneous textual approach comes to the fore, as she juxtaposes narrative, faux documentary, comedic and "serious" footage, and merges film, video, and Pixelvision. Suggestions and meanings accumulate: austere, theoretical text is interrupted by shots of women relating bawdy (sexist) jokes; classic R&B music plays while women stomp on records and pour alcohol on the floor. The Vision Machine is a fragmented inquiry into issues of gender, language and representation.

With: Lucy Smith, Dierdre Larson, Serra, Debbie, Joan, Raiko, Diane, Emily, Lana, Eve, Jennifer, Daphne, Cathy. Text Animation: Keith Sanborn. Online Editor: Brian Decubellis. Sound Mix: John McGeehan. Thanks: Courtney Harmel, Harvestworks, 29th Street Video. Funded in part by The Jerome Foundation and Art Matters Inc.


This is a video transfer of a work initially shot on film. This is best shown as a projection, to reflect the original medium.
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