The Whole World is Watching - Weatherman '69

1989, 122 min, color, sound

Featuring a cast that includes Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, Mike Watt of the legendary hardcore band Minutemen, and Pettibon himself, this deadpan narrative pays dubious homage to the 1960's radical underground. In this crudely rendered home video of a commune of stoned revolutionaries, the cameras are hand-held, the edits in-camera, and the dialogue is wryly on-target. Pettibon's band of outsiders reenacts a countercultural moment defined by rock music, drugs, and ideological paradox — and in so doing, captures their own late-80's West Coast grunge milieu as well.

With: Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Rich Castigan, Mark Hecht, Joey 8 Halsman, Joe Cole, Abbey Travis, Dave Markey, Daniel Adams, Crane, Hank Vincent, Janet Hansden, et al. Producer/ Writer/ Director: Raymond Pettibon. Camera: Raymond Pettibon, Dave Markey, Dave Travis, Dan Adams. Editors: Raymond Pettibon, Joel Rane, Daniel Adams