Third Annual Roggabogga Motion Picture

2002, 6:21 min, color and b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

Third Annual Roggabogga is the installation created by Forcefield for the Whitney Museum's Biennial Exhibition of 2002. For the installation, the artists created a diorama with neo-tribal figures, films, objects and sounds. The environment incorporated projected film animation, silkscreened wallpaper, blinking lights and other standing figures. During museum hours, the four artists stood inside the installation, dressed in their shroud outfits.

Third Annual Roggabogga Motion Picture is a mass of pulsing, swirling colors, with a chaotic soundtrack of droning tones and densely layered electronic beeps. This piece is a video version of the 16 mm stop-motion animated film that was projected for the three-month duration of the Third Annual Roggabogga installation at the Whitney.

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2002, 21:24 min, color, sound