Video Field Recording

2002, 15:12 min, color, sound

Third Annual Roggabogga is the installation created by Forcefield for the Whitney Museum's Biennial Exhibition of 2002. For the installation, the artists created a diorama with neo-tribal figures, films, objects and sounds. The environment incorporated projected film animation, silkscreened wallpaper, blinking lights and other standing figures. During museum hours, the four artists stood inside the installation, dressed in their shroud outfits.

Video Field Recording is a fifteen-minute document of the Third Annual Roggabogga installation. The camera roams the dark cave that was part of the environment; museum-goers examine the scene. An imposing collection of furry, knit-clad figures randomly squawk, beep, gurgle and blink, while the film Motion Picture is projected in the background. Intermittent flashes of brilliant light transform the space.

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2002, 21:24 min, color, sound