Video Installations 1970-1994

1994, 19:47 min, color, sound

Over the past several decades, Shigeko Kubota has produced a significant body of video installation work. Kubota's sculptural installations include works that recast the iconography and theories of Marcel Duchamp, and those that focus on landscape and nature. In each work, her signature electronic image processing plays a central role. Kubota's conceptual and visual inventiveness and art historical wit are evident in such works as Duchampiana: Nude Descending a Staircase (1976), in which video monitors in the configuration of a wooden staircase show the synthesized image of a descending woman, or Bicycle Wheel (1983), in which a miniature video monitor revolves on the eponymous wheel. Works such as Niagara Falls (1985) are breathtaking celebrations of natural landscape, poetically transformed by technology. This comprehensive historical overview of Kubota's installation work is a lucid visual document. In addition to the above-mentioned works, this compilation includes such major pieces as Duchampiana: Chess (1968-75), Duchampiana: Duchamp's Grave (1972-75), Meta-Marcel: Window Snow (1976), Three Mountains(1976-79), River(1981), Video Haiku Hanging Piece(1981) Meta- Marcel: Window Stars (1982), Meta-Marcel: Window Flowers (1983), Video Relief (1983), Green Installation (1983), Window in Window (1983), Rock Video: Cherry Blossom(1986), and Dry Mountain, Dry Water(1987-88).

Camera: Bob Harris, Ann Eugenia Volkes. Editors: Paul Garrin, Shigeko Kubota. Slide Photography: Peter Moore.