Video Wallpaper Series

1992, 13:54 min, color, sound
1992, 3:30 min, color, sound
1992, 5:19 min, color, sound
1992, 4:56 min, color, sound

Kuchar writes about Isleton: "I had some super 8mm footage of a place I went to for someone's movie shoot and I never made anything out of it. It was just sitting around the house so I decided to play around with it using my consumer model video effects equipment."

Writes Kuchar of Trinity: "My friend Babeth wanted to be in a video so she came over to my house with one of her co-producers on a documentary she had made in Haiti. When I saw the documentary it was sort of a horror picture and so I blended our time together with appropriate horror footage."

Of Kitchenetiquette, Kuchar writes: "Some tape I assembled from a gloomy trip to visit an old acquaintance who was recently married. I spill the beans on what was going on behind closed kitchen doors."