Walk with Contrapposto

1968, 60 min, b&w, sound

Nauman focuses his video camera down the length of a long, twenty-inch corridor, which he built in his Southampton studio expressly as a prop for the videotape. With his hands clasped behind his neck and swinging his hips, he animates a classic contrapposto pose as he walks up and down the length of the corridor. "The camera was placed so that the walls came in at either side of the screen," he explained. "You couldn't see the rest of the studio, and my head was cut off most of the time. ... In most of the pieces I made [in 1969] you could see only the back of my head, pictures from the back or from the top."


In exhibition, this title must be presented on a monitor. Please contact the EAI office for recommendations of monitor types. Sound must be played through speakers. Headphones are not permitted.