Titles with or about Mary Lucier


1984, 11:11 min, color, sound

The two-channel, six-monitor installation Wintergarden merges lucid imagery with sculptural form, in an evocative exploration of pastoral and urban landscapes, nature and culture. Originally produced for New York's Chase Manhattan Plaza, this work contrasts serene natural images from a highly cultivated Japanese garden with the hard-edged architectural landscape of Manhattan. Lucier finds formal parallels to the sensual flowers and calm pools in the cool, silvery reflections of the steel and glass skyscrapers. The dichotomy between natural and urban landscape is mirrored in Earl Howard's haunting score, which shifts from the ringing of wind chimes to the magnified ambient sounds of the city street. In a contemporary rendering of the Romantic landscape, Lucier distills and ultimately abstracts the image.

Note: In this composite version of the installation, the two channels of video are displayed side-by-side on a split screen.

Audio/Music: Earl Howard. Editor: Gregg Featherman. Produced in association with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.