Words On Fire

John Sanborn and Skip Blumberg
1990, 24:30 min, color, sound

In this series of short vignettes, six modern-day storytellers offer their interpretations of the word "fire." Award-winning playwright Christopher Durang creates a witty mini-sitcom on the woes of inactivity; actor/writer Fred Churchak is seen in a one-man Shakespearean performance; Rinde Eckert recites two four-hundred-year-old erotic poems; Southern poet Jo Carson relays intimate tales of Appalachian life; monologuist Todd Alcott offers a spontaneous diatribe on living in the "heat" of urban life, and actor Robert Joy reads a text by Jack Finney in which time stands still as a fire starts.

Created for "Alive from Off Center," KTCA-TV, Minneapolis. Producer/Conception: Wendall Harrington. Directors: Skip Blumberg, John Sanborn.