Titles with or about Dan Graham


2006, 4:39 min, color, sound

Graham produced this short video for the 2006 Sao Paulo Biennale, to accompany an architectural model of his Yin/Yang Pavilion at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to MIT, Graham's 2002 Yin/Yang Pavilion "is made of concave and convex two-way mirrored glass — a material that creates constant fluctuations between transparency and reflection. The pavilion is activated by viewers who move through its curving spaces to experience anamorphic reflections of the sky, surrounding objects and landscape, and the superimposed images of other spectators. 'The observer becomes conscious of himself as a body, as a perceiving subject and of himself in relation to his group. This is the reversal of the usual "loss of self" when a spectator looks at a conventional artwork,' Graham said."

Camera Person/Co-editor: Layda Gongora. Sound: Trevor Shimizu. Sponsor/Producer: Patricia Fuller. Edited at Electronic Arts Intermix.