Ryan Trecartin

Ryan Trecartin is one of the most innovative young artists working with video today. He was termed "the most consequential artist to have emerged since the 1980s" by The New Yorker. Trecartin's fantastical video narratives seem to be conjured from a fever dream. Collaborating with an ensemble cast of family and friends, Trecartin merges sophisticated digital manipulations with footage from the Internet and pop culture, animations, and wildly stylized sets and performances. While the astonishing A Family Finds Entertainment (2005) has drawn comparisons to Jack Smith, early John Waters, and Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Trecartin crafts startling visions that are thoroughly unique.   full biography


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2001, 3 min, color, sound
2001, 7 min, color, sound
2002, 12 min, color, sound
2003, 8 min, color, sound
2003, 20 min, color, sound
2004, 42 min, color, sound
2006, 7:15 min, color, sound
2007, 108 min, color, sound
2009, 33:05 min, color, sound, HD video
2009, 50 min, color, sound, HD video
2013, 53:15 min, color, sound, HD video
2013, 33:02 min, color, sound, HD video
2013, 25:44 min, color, sound, HD video