Paul McCarthy

McCarthy was an influential figure in the Southern California art and performance scene for decades before achieving international recognition. His performance work in the late 1970s explored areas of Dionysian and shamanistic initiation rituals, as well as the body and sexuality. The intensity of these performances, which often included the graphic depiction of taboo subjects, eventually led to his use of video and installation as primary media.   full biography


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1970-75, 32:50 min, b&w, sound
1987, 15:03 min, color, sound
Family Tyranny (Modeling and Molding)
1987, 8:08 min, color, sound
Cultural Soup
1987, 6:55 min, color, sound
1992, 62:40 min, color, sound
1995, 45 min, color, sound
1998, 4:25 min, color, sound
2003, 5:20 min, color, sound

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