Technical Facility

In 1972, EAI established its Editing/Post Production Facility in response to a need for creative workspace and video equipment access for artists. EAI's facility was one of the first nonprofit services of its kind in the U.S., and enabled the creation of many seminal video works. Over the past four decades, this service has served thousands of artists and organizations with low-cost access to technical facilities.

Today EAI's technical facilities are vital to the advanced digitization, preservation and distribution of the EAI media art collection. Moreover, the facility continues to serve as an active, creative workspace for artists: In recent years artists such as Anthony Ramos, Joan Jonas, Dan Graham, Carolee Schneemann, Michael Smith and Shigeko Kubota have created new video works at EAI.

Artists Carolee Schneemann (left) and Cheryl Donegan (right) editing at EAI with former Technical Director Trevor Shimizu.