Ant Farm



Press Release

Oct 25, 2005

Press release for EAI Presents at Monkeytown in November 2005.

Press Release

Jun 9, 2003

Press release for the New York premiere screening of PLAYBACK: Preserving Analog Video hosted by EAI and Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) in June 2003.

Printable Catalogues

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Works by Ant Farm, Cory Arcangel, Sophie Calle, Tony Cokes, Bernadette Corporation, JODI, Shana Moulton, Muntadas, Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad, Seth Price, RSG, Michael Snow, Lawrence Weiner and others.

Program Notes

Program Notes for Archives in the 21st Century, hosted at the Kitchen in February 2003.

Press Release

Jun 4, 2004

Press Release for screening presented by EAI and Ocularis in June 2004.

Program Notes

Program Notes: PARTICIPATION: Daylong Screening at EAI on May 10 & 11, 2013

Press Release

Jun 4, 2004

Press release for a series of free public video programs presented by EAI as part of the exhibition, Terrorvision at Exit Art in June 2004.

Screening Lists and Schedules

Feb 26, 2002

Screening list for retrospective of early video works from the EAI Archives presented by MoMA in February 2002.

Articles and Essays

Holly Willis

March 2008

"Allure of the Raw: California Video" written by Holly Willis published on Modern Painters in March 2008.