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Articles and Essays

Village Voice

Stephanie Harrington

The Village Voice (May 29, 1969): 29.

Fascinated with the Moorman-Paik TV Bra collaboration yet overwhelmed by the technological gadgetry of the exhibition as a whole, Harrington concludes that "TV as a Creative Medium" is a mere "collection of technical details waiting for a unifying aesthetic genius."

Notes and Descriptions

Charlotte Moorman


Description of Participating Artists and Works (1975)

This 8-page typewritten document by Charlotte Moorman lists and describes in detail the many artists, events and projects planned for the 12th Annual Avant Garde Festival.


Articles and Essays

The Washington Post

Alan M. Kreigsman

Sep 29, 1975

Alan M. Kreigsman, "A Gorple Grows in Brooklyn."
The Washington Post (September 29, 1975): B1, B7.

This two-page review describes several works included in the 12th Annual Avant Garde Festival.


Articles and Essays

Village Voice

Fred W. McDarrah

Nov 25, 1971

Fred W. McDarrah, "Avant Garde Festival: Down to His Last Mouse."
Village Voice (November 25, 1971)

This extensive three-page article includes several photographs from the 8th Annual Avant Garde Festival, as well as vivid, personal descriptions of a number of the works.


Press Release

Press release for Charlotte Moorman videos at EAI's Video Project Space at X Initiative August 2009.

Program Notes

Mar 19, 2002

Program notes for panel and presentation on EAI's online projects, part of The Kitchen's Digital Happy Hour series.

Articles and Essays

Camera Obscura

Melinda M. Barlow

Dec 1, 2003

Barlow, Melinda M. "Feminism 101: The New York Women's Video Festival, 1972-1980"
Camera Obscura (Dec 1, 2003) vol. 18, no. 54, pp. 3-40.

This exhaustive 37-page essay on the history of the Women's Video Festival addresses the fact that the Festival has been largely ignored since the 1970s.


Calendars and Newsletters

June 1972

Kitchen Calendar June 1972

One of twenty calendars that outline the Kitchen's programs and events.


Calendars and Newsletters

October 1972

Kitchen Calendar October 1972

One of twenty calendars that outline the Kitchen's programs and events.


Program Notes

Program notes for "Lights in Motion: Rare Film & Video Materials from the Howard Wise Gallery" screening at EAI, August 17, 2011.

Press Release

Press release for "Lights in Motion: Rare Film & Video Materials from the Howard Wise Gallery" screening at EAI, August 17, 2011.

Articles and Essays


Mary Breasted

Dec 2, 1972

Mary Breasted, "Ms. Moorman's Water Music."
SR (December 2, 1972):19-20

The author of this article is unimpressed by the 9th Annual Avant Garde Festival and describes in some detail Nam June Paik's TV Bed and Shigeko Kubota's Video Birthday Party (60th) for John Cage.


Program Notes

September 28-October 14, 1973

Second Annual Women's Video Festival: Program
(September 28-October 14, 1973)

This document is the program for the second Women's Video Festival, held at the Loguidice Gallery from September 28-October 14, 1973.


Press Release

Press release for SHORT SHORTS EAI's summer screening in August 2010.

Articles and Essays

Art in America

Peter Frank

November/December 1974

Peter Frank, "The Avant Garde Festival: And Now, Shea Stadium."
Art in America (November/December 1974): 102-106

This extensive article, published in Art in America, covers the history of the Annual Avant Garde Festival up to its eleventh year.


Press Release

Jan 26, 2004

Press release for screening focusing on artist/muse collaborations presented by EAI in February 2004.


Howard Wise

May 17 - June 14, 1969



Anthony McCall


Anthony McCall
Untitled, Landscape for Fire, Line Describing a Cone

In this letter to Moorman, McCall announces that he would like to participate in the 10th Annual Avant Garde Festival by screening three of his films, Untitled (1972), Landscape for Fire (1972) and Line Describing a Cone (1973). Two of the films could be included in the scheduled film program; the third would need to be shown in a large empty space, such as the freight car of the train housing the festival.


Program Notes

John G. Hanhardt, Matthew Yokobosky

Program from the exhibition. Features an introductory essay by John Hanhardt, a biography of Howard Wise, a listing of each work exhibited, a bibliography, text from the 1969 TV as a Creative Medium program, and numerous photographs from the 1969 exhibition.

Printable Catalogues

Newly released early audio CDs by Vito Acconci and video works by Phyllis Baldino, Peter Campus, Kristin Lucas, Nam June Paik, Eder Santos, Steina, Leslie Thornton, and others.

Program Notes


Plan of the 9th Annual Avant Garde Festival

This document shows where the participating artists will perform or exhibit during the 9th Annual Avant Garde Festival; a program is also included.


Press Release

Charlotte Moorman: Rarely Seen Television and Video Performances, Thursday, October 20, 2016.

Press Release

April - May, 1982

Press release for "Nam June Paik: Retrospective at Whitney Museum" from April 30 to June 27, 1982 and "Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman to Perform at Whitney Museum" on June 2, 3, 1982.