Matthew Geller

Matthew Geller reworks the structure and style of television storytelling, investigating narrative forms in experimental fictions and theatrical dramas. His often comic narratives play off conventional genres such as documentary and melodrama. He employs fragmentation and disjunction as storytelling devices, intercutting several anecdotal stories into one cohesive, if nonlinear, narrative.   full biography


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1980-84, 3:29 min, color, sound
The Ritz
1983, 29 sec, color, sound
Postage Paid
1984, 53 sec, color, sound
In Case of Nuclear Attack
1983, 1:37 min, color, sound
Times Square Show
1982, 30 sec, color, sound
1982, 22:06 min, color, sound
1985, 91:50 min, color, sound
1987, 28:26 min, color, sound
1988, 58 min, color, sound