New Thoughts on Thinking

1982, 22:06 min, color, sound

Subtitled New Thoughts on Thinking, Windfalls is a fragmented, nonlinear narrative that examines the role that storytelling plays in daily life. Four disparate narrative threads — a man in search of a new television set, a saxophonist relating the trials of a jam session, a computer programmer discussing codes, and Geller drawing elaborate diagrams on a blackboard — are interwoven into a disjunctive, yet cohesive examination of how stories are told. The first-person, often humorous tales reveal the artifice and acting inherent in spoken narration. Chance plays an integral part in the structuring of Geller's narrative; the stories are layered in a deceptively random manner, heightening the importance of causality and juxtaposition in the relationship between narrative segments.

Camera: Jack Walworth, Matthew Geller. Music: Jonny Dynelle and the Dynelles. With: Ed Bowes, John Lee.