Michael Bell-Smith

Michael Bell-Smith uses digital forms to explore contemporary visual culture and how it is mediated through popular technologies. His work often incorporates the visual vocabulary of the Internet, such as animated gifs and lo-res images, and references the aesthetics and semiotics of common computer programs such as Powerpoint and Web sites such as YouTube. Remixing and reinterpreting sources ranging from industrial videos and music clips to classic cinema and contemporary art, Bell-Smith reconsiders the cultural meaning of these materials in a "post-personal computer, post-Internet, post-Google" age.   full biography


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2005, 3:01 min, color, sound
2005, 4:22 min, color, sound
2005, 45 sec, color, sound
2006, 7:07 min, color, silent
2007, 12:29 min, b&w, sound
2011, 3:12 min, color, sound, HD video
2011, 13:40 min, color, sound, HD video
2011, 7:55 min, color, sound, HD video
2013, 1:26 min, color, sound, HD video