Moonlighting NYC 2013

2013, 1:26 min, color, sound, HD video

In Moonlighting NYC 2013 Bell-Smith creates an homage to the 1980s television show Moonlighting, which starred the young Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard. Re-making the title sequence of the popular TV series through the addition of his own structure and animation, the artist interrogates what he calls the "slippage, that gray area" that surrounds issues of appropriation and authenticity, the new and the used. Bell-Smith places the original opening credits of the show in a small frame at the center of the screen over his remake of the content—shots of New York City and stock imagery of sticky notes and explosions culled from the Internet. He states, "the way I'm working with these two categories is an outgrowth of new approaches to technology and new attitudes about authenticity and originality that have come from the Internet and upload/download culture." Thus, while drawing on familiar visuals from pre-Internet and early-Internet eras, Bell-Smith creates a timely anti-narrative of the relationship between media and temporality and the proliferation and unprecedented accessibility of imagery that is both generic and culture-defining.