Nan Hoover

Nan Hoover's video works are both formalist and highly sensual. Her meticulous renderings of light, color and movement suggest external and interior landscapes. Fluidly manipulating light and shadow into sculptural form, Hoover created an evocative tension between abstraction and reality. Precisely composed, unfolding in real time, these minimalist reveries invoke the sublime. A pioneering video artist who also worked in performance and photography, Hoover was born in 1931 and died in 2008.   full biography


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1978-82, 44:31 min, color, sound
1978, 9:45 min, color, sound
Primary Colors
1980, 6:35 min, color, sound
Color Pieces
1980, 7:51 min, color, silent
Light and Object
1982, 20:20 min, color, sound
1983-85, 50:51 min, color, sound
1983, 5:42 min, color, sound
1984, 16:43 min, color, sound
Eye Watching
1984, 7:22 min, color, sound
Returning to Fuji
1984, 8:21 min, color, sound
1985, 12:43 min, color, silent
1985-86, 22:11 min, b&w and color, silent
1985, 9:11 min, color, silent
Watching Out - a trilogy
1986, 13 min, b&w, silent
1987, 13:48 min, color, silent
1988-89, 13:06 min, color and b&w, sound
Blue Mountains, Australia
1988, 6:16 min, color, sound
Wigry, Poland
1989, 6:50 min, color, sound