Nan Hoover: Selected Works I

1978-82, 44:31 min, color, sound
1978, 9:45 min, color, sound
1980, 6:35 min, color, sound
1980, 7:51 min, color, silent
1982, 20:20 min, color, sound

Working with a stationary camera, Hoover brings a painterly, minimalist aesthetic to these contemplative explorations of light, shadow, color and scale, which evolve in real time with no editing. She writes, "Essentially I see my work as a trigger that ignites associations in the viewer." The evocative power of these formal compositions lies in Hoover's subtle orchestrations of the sculptural and temporal transformations of organic form.

In Impressions, a shaft of light divides the screen as a hand slowly traces its form. Primary Colors explores the interrelationship of changing colors by shedding light on a human form. In Color Pieces, Hoover manipulates the movement of light and shadows on surfaces and the human figure, allowing subtle changes of hue and texture to create spatial ambiguities. Light and Object creates stunning landscape imagery by using variable focus, extreme close-up, and a subtle transformation of linear shapes.

Primary Colors: In collaboration with Denis Weiler.

Light and Object: Sound: Bryan Nicolls.