Trevor Shimizu

Trevor Shimizu has produced a large body of paintings that are crudely gestural and sparse, and subtle in their compositional aesthetics if not in their subject matter. In works that are semi-autobiographical, humiliating social incidents and aberrations usually kept private are made public. Alongside his painting practice, Shimizu has produced a body of video art that emphasizes how his personal and public identities have been shaped by home video and the banality of television and media consumerism. As a former Technical Director of Electronic Arts Intermix, he developed close friendships and collaborations with artists including Dan Graham, Carolee Schneemann, Shigeko Kubota, and Dara Birnbaum. The influence of other EAI artists, especially the droll, self-depricating humor of Michael Smith, and Mike Kelley’s unflinching portrayals of American culture, is also clearly evident.   full biography


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1991-2013, 840 min, color, sound
2000, 2:44 min, color, sound
2000, 5:47 min, color, sound
2002, 21:21 min, color, sound
2002-2012, 4:10 min, color, sound
2005, 6:23 min, color, silent
2005, 12:00 min, b&w, sound
2011, 4:29 min, color, sound
2013, 49:12 min, color, sound