1991-2013, 840 min, color, sound

Writes Shimizu: "This is the first video I ever made. In 1991, our family had a cable descrambler box which allowed us to watch all of the pay channels for the same rate as a basic cable subscription. On certain nights, I would stay awake watching a pay per view movie and wait for my parents to go to bed. I'd start recording before the pay per view channel switched over to the adult channel, promptly at 12am. Sometimes, my mom or dad would come out to get something to drink, at which point, the recording would switch to another station. There's an especially good passage of Damon Wayans doing standup. Looking back at these recordings, I realized that they were my original 'Lonely Loser' recordings. The character or performer is the one recording, like the aspiring Scientologist in Dianetics and the tech bro in the Lonely Loser videos, this time, my adolescent self. Maybe this is my most autobiographical work as well."