Woody Vasulka




Stewart Kranz



Stewart Kranz, "Interview with Woody Vasulka." Science and Technology in the Arts: A Tour Through the Realm of Science/Art. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. (1974): 281-82.

In this 1974 interview, Woody Vasulka describes his evolution from documentary filmmaking, via multi-screen projections, to the electronic medium of video.


Calendars and Newsletters

June 1972

Kitchen Calendar June 1972

One of twenty calendars that outline the Kitchen's programs and events.


Calendars and Newsletters

Andres Mannick, Woody Vasulka

Dec 31, 1969

Kitchen Newsletter

This one-page document is the Kitchen's first newsletter, dated April 29, 1971, and titled Mercer Media Repertory Theatre.


Articles and Essays

Schedule for the Open Circuits conference at MOMA, 1974