Woody Vasulka

After producing a pioneering body of tapes in collaboration with Steina in the early 1970s, Woody Vasulka has investigated the narrative, syntactical and metaphorical potential of electronic imaging. His development of an expressive image-language began as a rigorous deconstruction of the materiality of the electronic signal, and has evolved to the application of imaging codes and digital manipulation to narrative strategies.   full biography


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1971, 7:15 min, b&w, sound
1973-74, 29:01 min, color, sound
1973, 4:17 min, color, sound
The Matter
1974, 3:56 min, color, sound
1974, 9:03 min, color, sound
1974, 11:45 min, color, sound
1980, 21:20 min, b&w and color, sound
1983, 44:55 min, color, sound
1987, 36 min, color, sound

Titles with or about Woody Vasulka

1997, 43 min, color, sound

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