Titles with or about Woody Vasulka

Woody Vasulka: Selected Works

1973-74, 29:01 min, color, sound
1973, 4:17 min, color, sound
1974, 3:56 min, color, sound
1974, 9:03 min, color, sound
1974, 11:45 min, color, sound

This program of early works includes explanations of Vasulka's image-making tools, and also charts his development of a grammar of these imaging techniques.

Vocabulary, writes Vasulka, is "designed to convey in a didactic form the basic energy laws in electronic imaging." Here a hand, as a metaphor for expression and gesture, and a sphere that symbolizes form, are processed with a keyer, colorizer and scan processor. The Matter, C-Trend, and Explanation are methodical, didactic works that deconstruct the essential elements of electronic imaging and then attempt to construct a syntax from those elements. In The Matter, a generated dot pattern is re-sculpted into myriad three-dimensional forms and shapes by waveforms, which also generate sound. In C-Trend, a view of traffic shot from a window is transformed and sculpted into permutations of abstract, three-dimensional forms. Explanation is a computer-generated cross-hatch of lines that becomes three-dimensional, defining shapes in a synthetic landscape of gradually shifting image position and size.

Vocabulary: Multikeyer: George Brown. Scan Processor: Rutt/Etra. Dual Colorizer: Eric Siegel.

The Matter: Scan Processor: Rutt/Etra. Multikeyer: George Brown.

C-Trend: Multikeyer/H.D. Variable Clock: George Brown. Scan Processor: Rutt/Etra. Dual Colorizer: Eric Siegel.

Explanation: Multikeyer: George Brown. Dual Colorizer: Eric Siegel. Scan Processor: Rutt/Etra.