Educational Streaming

EAI is pleased to announce an innovative new digital resource for providing educational and library users across the nation and the world with direct streaming access to EAI’s significant collection of new and historical media artworks.

EAI’s Educational Streaming Service is a unique subscription-based resource that transforms EAI’s Online Catalogue into a “digital textbook.” Almost 2,000 titles by 65 artists are currently available for streaming via this digital delivery platform. Eventually, the Service will encompass EAI’s entire collection of 3,800 media artworks. 

Students, teachers, researchers, and librarians at subscribing institutions can access full-length, high-resolution media artworks for classroom and study use. Users automatically authenticate into the secure portal on campus, or can log in remotely with their library account. Users view artists’ media works within the framework of extensive scholarly resources: artists’ biographies, texts on the works, bibliographies, archival documents, supporting media, essays, and additional expansive resources.

To view the videos, users simply login to the EAI Educational Streaming Service portal, navigate to an artist’s page, and click on available titles as indicated by the “play” icon. Videos can run windowed or full screen for classroom presentations at full exhibition quality. 

Broadband connections allow for high quality streaming suitable for classroom projection. Variable bitrate streaming allows videos to progress seamlessly if the connection slows, allowing for smooth playback. 

Videos also stream seamlessly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing students access to this resource for campus-wide study and research outside of the classroom.

Annual subscription fees are negotiated based on a school or institution’s size and budget.  

To fully experience EAI’s Educational Streaming Service, contact for a free trial of up to two months.