Video Art Turns to Abstract Imagery

David L. Shirey

Jul 4, 1972

Video Art Turns to Abstract Imagery


David L. Shirey, "Video Art Turns to Abstract Imagery." New York Times (July 4, 1972): 6.

David L. Shirey reviews the Video Festival, organized by the Vasulkas, which was held at The Kitchen in July 1972. Even though he finds some works "tediously repetitive," he praises the "feeling of discovery, the impression of experiencing a new phenomenon." He comments on works by the Vasulkas, Aldo Tambellini, Stephen Beck , and Nam June Paik , and describes the various techniques that video artists employ. The article includes several quotes by Woody Vasulka, who states that video is still in its infancy, and that "All the video artists are like one big family learning from one another and thinking about video art's big future."