Vasulka Video

One of the first programs championed by Howard Wise in his manifesto, "At the Leading Edge of Art," Vasulka Video was a project directed by the pioneering electronic artists Steina and Woody Vasulka. Conducting research into the development of special "video tools," the Vasulkas experimented with the production of devices that allowed them to directly manipulate the electronic signal. Contributors to the project included George Brown, Eric Siegel, and Stephen Beck; among the tools developed through this project were Brown's Video Sequence Switcher, Siegel's Dual Colorizer, and Beck's Video Outliner. Through their experimentation with electronic sound and image, the Vasulkas expanded the technical vocabulary of the medium and inspired a generation of emerging artists. As original members of the collective Perception and co-founders of The Kitchen, the Vasulkas conducted workshops and created a laboratory environment for artists to explore the evolving language of video. In 1973, the Vasulkas received an extended residency at the Center for Media Study at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and remained there for six years. "Vasulka Video" was reprised in 1978 when the Vasulkas were commissioned to create six educational programs with that title for broadcast on public television in Buffalo, New York.



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