Film & Video Documentation

This page includes QuicKTime excerpts from a selection of Eric Siegel's seminal video works, which illustrate his early electronic experiments with image and color manipulation in relation to music. Further information on these works can be found in the EAI Online Catalogue. Also included is footage of Siegel performing live on his synthesizer at the first office of Electronic Arts Intermix. Click on the appropriate links to play the video excerpts.

1968, 5:41 min, color, sound. Videotape, excerpt.

This QuickTime excerpt is from Einstine, a videotape based on the video feedback piece Psychedelevision in Color, which was featured in the groundbreaking 1969 exhibition TV as a Creative Medium at the Howard Wise Gallery. Here an image of Albert Einstein is colorized and manipulated to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov.


Symphony of the Planets
1968, 10:20 min, color, sound.

Symphony of the Planets is an abstract composition in which planetary shapes revolve in spiraling forms to the music of Tchaikovsky.


Tomorrow Never Knows
1968, 3:10 min, color, sound.

This QuickTime excerpt is from Siegel's Tomorrow Never Knows, a psychedelic interpretation of a Beatles song.


Film Documentation: Eric Siegel & Synthesizer
circa 1971, 16mm film, b&w, silent. Electronic Arts Intermix Archives.

In this excerpt from undated film footage from an undocumented source, Eric Siegel is seen performing live on his synthesizer in the offices of Electronic Arts Intermix at 2 West 13th Street.