Equipment Documents

This page features documents relating to the design and function of Siegel's Video Color Synthesizer and Electronic Video Synthesizer, including drawings, diagrams, and technical descriptions of the equipment. Click on the appropriate links to view the documents.

Eric Siegel Drawing (May 1969)

This sketch by Eric Siegel illustrates his design for the Video Color Synthesizer and includes notes on its function.


Note from Eric Siegel to Howard Wise (May 23, 1970)

This hand-written note from Eric Siegel to Howard Wise informs Wise about the progress of his work on the circuit board for the Video Chrominance Synthesizer.


Note from Eric Siegel to Howard Wise (September 27, 1970)

This note from Eric Siegel to Howard Wise features a series of black and white drawings and updates Wise on the progress of the development of his Synthesizer.


This document includes the patent cover; an abstract; three drawings figures; the specification containing the background of the invention, the drawings descriptions and detailed information about the functioning of this new electronic tool and fifteen claims.


This document includes a patent cover, an abstract, eighteen drawn figures, detailed information and background about the functioning of the synthesizer and eighteen claims.