"The Howard Wise Gallery: TV as a Creative Medium, 1969" Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1994

In June, 1994, the Whitney Museum of American Art launched a major exhibition as the first in a series on the previous thirty years of video art. "The Howard Wise Gallery: TV as a Creative Medium, 1969" served both to commemorate the landmark exhibition at the Howard Wise Gallery and to recognize Wise's personal contribution to the field. Curated by John Hanhardt and Assistant Curator Matthew Yokobosky of the Film and Video Department, the exhibition featured six works from the original exhibition; photographic, film, and video documentation by Peter Moore, Jud Yalkut and Ira Schneider; and Virtually Wise, a new work by Nam June Paik.

Invitation to Whitney exhibition opening (1994)

Invitation to exhibition opening, 1994.

Virtually Wise

Documentation of Paik tribute to Howard Wise at the Whitney exhibition. Images of Howard "metamorphosing" throughout his life were shown in several of the monitors built into the piece.

Whitney Exhibition program

Program from the exhibition. Features an introductory essay by John Hanhardt, a biography of Howard Wise, a listing of each work exhibited, a bibliography, text from the 1969 TV as a Creative Medium program, and numerous photographs from the 1969 exhibition.