Posters & Programs

This page contains a selection of programs, posters and announcements of Kitchen events from 1971 to 1974. The selection focuses on video-related events, and includes documents that feature artists and works in the EAI collection and archive. Full versions of these documents may be read by clicking on the appropriate link.

Log of Wednesday Evening Open Video Screenings at The Kitchen (July 14, 1971- July 26, 1972)

This document contains a list of the artists and works included in the Wednesday Evening Screenings at The Kitchen from July 14, 1971 to July 26, 1972.


3-D Binocular Vision/"14 Street-Out" by Alfons Schilling and Woody Vasulka (January 4, 1972)

This black and white poster announces 3-D Binocular Vision/ "14 Street-Out," a "stereo-slide show" by Alfons Schilling, with live sound by Woody Vasulka.


Video Free America tells "The Continuing Story of Carel & Ferd" (May 19-21, 1972)

This two-page illustrated poster announces "The Continuing Story of Carel & Ferd," an "underground video documentary soap opera" by Arthur Ginsberg, presented by Video Free America at The Kitchen.


Video Free America Information Sheet and Statement (June 1972)

In this one-page document from June 1972, Arthur Ginsberg describes the mission of the San Francisco-based collective Video Free America, which seeks to "change television by creating and displaying new forms of the medium."


Shigeko Kubota, Live and Videotape Concert and Jud Yalkut Video Piece (June 30, 1972)

The first page of this black and white poster announces a "live and videotape concert" by Shigeko Kubota, with the titles Videotape 1,2: Cage-Tudor-Duchamp, Europe on half-inch a Day. The second page announces a video piece by Jud Yalkut entitled The Astrolabe of God, which shown on the same night at The Kitchen. Images from each work are included.


White, Black, Red & Yellow: Shigeko Kubota, Mary Lucier, Cecilia Sandoval, Charlotte Warren: Program Notes (December 16, 1972)

This one-page typed program announces an evening of performances and video screenings at The Kitchen by the women's collective White, Black, Red & Yellow.


The Irish Tapes: A Video Event by John Reilly and Stefan Moore (March 15-16, 1973)

This one-page poster announces The Irish Tapes, a "video event" by John Reilly and Stefan Moore, a multichannel installation with live action involving tapes of the Irish Republic Army.


Video Moirés and Selected Shorts: An Evening of Howard Hirsch Visuals (March 29, 1973)

This graphic black and white poster announces an "Evening of Howard Hirsch Visuals" at The Kitchen.


Video Concert: Alan Powell, Laurie McDonald, Dennis Hlynsky (March 31, 1973)

This black and white poster presents a "video concert" by Alan Powell, Laurie McDonald and Dennis Hlynsky.


Second Annual Video Arts Festival: Schedule (May 2-31, 1973)
This one-page document is the schedule for the 2nd Annual Video Art Festival at the Kitchen, which ran from May 2-31, 1973.


Ron Hays Video Imagery: Impressions of Music & Dreams (May 5, 1973)

This poster announces a screening of tapes by Ron Hays, created using the Paik-Abe video synthesizer.


Juan Downey: Video Transamericas (February 12-14, 1974)

This poster announces a video work on multi-channel systems by Juan Downey, presented together with a dance performance by Carmen Beuchat, Suzi Harris, Missie Zollo and Gregorio Fassler.