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Although Howard Wise is most closely associated with his visionary and seminal support of video art (and artists) in the 1970s, he had long been engaged with nontraditional art forms. Wise was committed to supporting the nexus of art and technology, particularly multimedia and kinetic art. In 1960 he opened the Howard Wise Gallery at 50 West 57th Street in New York, which became a locus for the kinetic art movement, featuring artists such as Len Lye, Takis, Jean Tinguely, and Group Zero. During a ten-year span, the gallery featured several groundbreaking exhibitions, including "On the Move" (1964) and "Lights in Orbit" (1967). Wise's most influential and provocative show was "TV as a Creative Medium," the landmark 1969 exhibition that served to link the kinetic and art and technology movements of the 1960s with the emergent medium of video art. Seeking to support projects in this new medium, Wise closed the gallery in 1970 to found the nonprofit organization Electronic Arts Intermix.

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