Interviews with Participating Artists

Many of the artists who were involved in Howard Wise's "TV as a Creative Medium" exhibition became pivotal characters in the art world, particularly within pre-existing underground technology circles. This page contains original interviews with a few of these artists which appeared in a number of experimental publications, including the journal Radical Software. These texts may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link.

"We are in Open Circuits" -- Nam June Paik

Excerpted from the manuscript Electronic Zen: The Alternate Video Generation.(unpublished manuscript) In this free-form interview, Paik not only speaks about the convergence of art and Eastern philosophy in electronic art, but he also considers the social and cybernetic implications of technology.

Frank Gillette and Ira Schneider, Parts I and II of an Interview

Radical Software 1.1 (Summer 1970): 9-10. In this extensive two part interview, Gillette and Schneider discuss their shift from other artistic mediums to that of television and videotape, as well as their involvement in TV as a Creative Medium.

Interview with Eric Siegel

Radical Software 1.2 (1970): 21. Siegel and Yalkut's fluid conversation ranges from Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 to the impact video might have on more traditional time-based media, such as film. Siegel also discusses his work with technology, emphasizing his artistic and spiritual goals.

Thomas Tadlock: The Archetron

The East Village Other 4.31 (July 2, 1969):11+ Interview with Thomas Tadlock about his work The Archetron--its technical evolution, the technique of its production, and the potential of television as a tool for creative expression.