As a loose collaboration of artists engaged with the electronic image, Perception relied on the help of a number of peers and supporters, including EAI, who secured funding, handled equipment, and prepared the logistics for live performances at venues such as The Kitchen. This page contains documents that detail this network of support. They may be viewed either by clicking on the thumbnail images or by selecting the appropriate link.

Letter from Howard Wise to the National Endowment for the Arts (1971)

Emphasizing the technical sensibilities of the artists, Wise champions the enormous educational and artistic promise of the members of Perception in this appeal for funding.


EAI Grant Application and Interim Report to the New York State Council on the Arts (1971)

These documents break down the activities of Perception during its first year. They outline minute details such as the kinds of equipment needed and the attendance figures of its first performances and workshops.


Draft of fundraising letter by Dimitri Devyatkin (1971)

This document is a general request for support for Perception by Dimitri Devyatkin, the general coordinator of the Kitchen in the early seventies.