Film and Video Documentation

The 1969 exhibition, "TV as a Creative Medium," was documented by various individuals who were actively involved in the emerging video art scene of the late 1960s, such as Jud Yalkut, a filmmaker, video artist, and frequent collaborator of Nam June Paik, and Ira Schneider, a video artist and exhibition participant. This page contains excerpts from films and videos that document individual works included in this landmark exhibition. They may be viewed by clicking on the "View Video" link. A complete copy of Schneider's video TV as a Creative Medium 1969-84 is available through the EAI Online Catalogue.


Everyman's Moebius Strip

In this work, gallery visitors were invited to walk into a private room and follow pre-recorded audio tape instructions.

Participation TV

In Participation TV, gallery visitors could see themselves reproduced and transformed in multiple colors in real time.

The Archetron

Tadlock combines images from three live television broadcasts to generate fluctuating, kaleidoscopic images.


Wipe Cycle

An installation of nine television screens, Wipe Cycle combined live images of gallery visitors, found footage from commercial television, and shots from pre-recorded tapes.

Wipe Cycle

Howard Wise documents himself interacting with Wipe Cycle. Live images of gallery visitors were presented at varying intervals on the work's nine screens.

TV Bra for Living Sculpture

In this collaboration, Moorman manipulates the images displayed on the two miniature television screens of the bra Paik designed, with the sound of her playing the cello.