Some Questions for 28 Kisses

1994, 8:30 min, b&w and color, sound

Fulbeck force-feeds the viewer scores of familiar Asian Female/Caucasian Male pairings from Hollywood movies, and combines these with excerpts from best-selling novels, newspaper/magazine articles, dating services, and anonymous pointed questions. Some Questions for 28 Kisses pries into the causes and purposes of these created images and their relation to interracial dating patterns, ethnic fetishes, race and gender wars, and hapa (Amerasian) identity. Fulbeck begins by questioning his own personal reactions to this media phenomenon and its shifting intersection with his own life and history.

Conceived, Produced, and Directed by Kip Fulbeck. Sound Design: Kevin Kelly. Video Engineering: Gino Gheng. Editor: Kip Fulbeck. Voices: Razelle Espinosa, William Feency, Kip Fulbeck, Tristan Ikuta, Ici Lynn Lau, Eelestc Maglan, Landrew Morrison, Kathleen O'Hara, Richard Ross, David Salvador, Wallace Schultz. Research: Susan Fang, Cythia Liu, Cindie Nakashima. Post-Production Services: Show & Tell Productions/ Los Angeles. "Ganbaro," recorded by Fred Ho and the Afro-Asian Music ensemble courtesy of the artist. Seaweed Productions