Nine Fish

1996, 23:45 min, b&w and color, sound

From childhood memories to recurring nightmares, Nine Fish attacks and illuminates the indecision and confusion surrounding euthanasia and care of the elderly in the United States. In this deeply personal video, Fulbeck chronicles his Cantonese grandmother's physical decline and its continuing impact on his family. The shifting complexities of personal identity, family communication and cultural assimilation are explored through nine semi-fictional stories.

Writer/Producer/Director/Editor: Kip Fulbeck. Sound Design: Kevin Kelly. Production Assistant: Mark Arbitrario. Video Consultant: Anthony Wilderman. Voices: Gladys Chan, Keith Conley, Kip Fulbeck, Seckyue Fulbeck, Barbara Fung, Bill Morrison, Jenn Smith, Vanessa Veloso. Composer: Fred Ho. Post Production: Long Beach Museum of Art - Video Annex