After the Storm

1988, 10 min, color, sound

One of Gorewitz's most beautiful works in its use of processed imagery and naturalistic imagery, After the Storm contemplates the inner landscape of the human heart. Using poetry by James Merrill, chants in praise of Allah, and an ancient Incan text on mystical love, he creates "a romance with an ambiguity about whether the desire is physical or ethereal, carnal or spiritual. [It is] about relationships with oneself, one's partner, the world, and the conflict with these things."

Video/Computer Imaging: Shalom Gorewitz. Soundtrack composed with Brooks Williams. Performers: Beo Morales, Charles Mendoza, Franca Bombieri. Editor: Tom Crawford. Additional Texts: James Merrill.

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1987-90, 24:31 min, b&w and color, sound